Acronis Shutdown Issue “Operations are in progress, please wait” with Windows 7

Last Updated on September 30, 2020 by Next Century

This is now resolved with Acronis True Image 2015 onwards and we would highly recommend upgrading to the latest version

Are you looking at the “Operations are in progress, please wait. The machine will be turned off automatically after the operations are complete.” and how long have you been looking at it for?


This is designed behavior. To avoid data corruption, Acronis Scheduler service postpones the system shutdown or restart process until:

  • The backup/validation/etc. task is aborted in Acronis True Image 2014/2015;
  • The backup/validation/etc. task in completed in other Acronis backup software

This is a safety valve to avoid data corruption, Windows shutdown is postponed until an Acronis task completes or is safely stopped.

  1. You have a task scheduled to run at a certain time;
  2. The task starts at the scheduled time, but you invoke the machine shutdown while the task is running;
  3. On the shutdown, the system will display that there are operations in progress and will wait for their completion;
  4. When the task completes, the machine will shut down successfully.


  • On the machine, select Options -> Machine Options

  • In Machine Options go to Additional Settings and select appropriate option:

    • Stop running tasks and shut down – Backup task will be interrupted and machines will be shut down (this option is selected by default). These task will be shown in Acronis Management Server with Succeeded with warning status
    • Wait for task completion – select this option if you want backup jobs to be finished before shutdown

    Running Windows 7 Pro?  Then Follow These Steps as well

  • Create a batch file called stop-acronis.bat with the 2 lines below and save it to C:\

    /echo off taskkill /IM Trueimagehomeservice.exe /f
    taskkill /IM trueimage.exe /f

  • Then use RUN > GPEDIT.MSC

  • Navigate in the first panel to Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)

  • Double click on Shutdown in the right side pane

  • When the window opens, click Add then browse to your batch file of enter C:\kill_acronis.bat

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