Acronis True Image 2019 How to Back up Entire Contents of your Mac

Last Updated on April 10, 2020 by Next Century

Backing up the entire machine is the most complete way to protect your data. It is recommended that you choose this option when you are not sure which data that you need to protect.

When you select Entire PC as a backup type, Acronis True Image backs up all your internal hard drives in disk mode.

The backup contains the operating system, installed programs, system settings, and all your personal data including your photos, music, and documents.

  • Start Acronis True Image

  • On the sidebar, click Backup. If you already have other backups set up, click Add Backup to add a new backup task

  • Entire Mac is pre-selected on the left, leave it as is

  • You can specify a custom name for your backup

  • Click the backup destination icon on the right, and then select a destination for the backup

    You need Acronis True Image Advanced ot Premium subscription to be able to back up to Acronis Cloud. If an external drive is plugged in, it will be detected automatically and will be displayed in the list of available backup destinations. Acronis True Image also detects NAS in the network and displays it in the list of available destinations as well. If the location is not listed, click Browse, and then select a location.

    In this example, Acronis Cloud is selected as the destination

  • Click the gear icon to set the options for the backup, including schedule, archive cleanup and others

  • You can select a schedule for creating regular backups of your system. If you select the option Do not schedule, then you will need to run the backup task manually every time using Back up button

  • Click Back up

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