AVAST CloudCare blocking iTunes connecting to your iPhone or iPad

Last Updated on September 29, 2021 by Next Century

If you are having any issue at all getting your iPhone or iPad to connect via the USB cable to your computer and have AVAST Business CloudCare installed, try these steps as the AVAST CloudCare firewall could be blocking your device.

NOTE:  This should be fixed with the latest Avast Business CloudCare version and you should not need to follow these instructions.  If you are not sure if you have the latest Avast CloudCare version, please contact your Avast CloudCare support agent.

  • Click on your AVAST Cloudcare icon  AVAST Icon  on the taskbar near your date and time or search your computer for AVAST

    You will then see the AVAST Business CloudCare console

    Avast CloudCare This computer is protected

  • Click on Protection and then select Firewall

    Avast CloudCare select Firewall

  • Switch off the Firewall by clicking on the green tab

    Avast Business CloudCare Firewall Enabled

  • You will then be prompted on How long do you want to turn Firewall off?  If only transferring a few files, 10 minutes should be enough, otherwise, go a little longer and select 1 hour.

    Avast Business CloudCare How long do you want to turn Firewall off

  • You will then be prompted if you are sure you want to stop the Firewall, which you need to click OK, STOP to turn off the Firewall.   Note, you only have 60 seconds to click it.

  • You will then see the Firewall is turned off screen as below

    AVAST Business CloudCare Firewall is turned off

  • Now connect your iPhone or iPad as you normally would

  • After you have finished accessing your Apple iPhone or iPad, remember to switch the firewall back on by pressing Turn On or restarting your computer will also switch the Firewall back on.

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