Check Avast Firewall is not blocking your printer or network

Last Updated on September 29, 2021 by Next Century

If you suddenly find your cannot print or access any of your network settings, it could be because Avast Business CloudCare has found a new network and set your Firewall profile to Public Network.

What is Avast Firewall

Firewall monitors all network traffic between your PC and the outside world to protect you from unauthorized communication and intrusions. This feature is designed to require minimal input from you. To ensure you are protected, all you need to do is keep Firewall turned on and, when prompted, select the appropriate Firewall profile for each network that you connect to:

  • Private: if you trust the network (for example, your home or work network)
  • Public: if the network is publicly shared (for example, the network at a cafe or airport)

How to check the Avast Firewall Profile

  • Click on your AVAST Cloudcare icon  AVAST Icon  on the taskbar near your date and time or search your computer for AVAST

  • Select Protection on the left menu and then select Firewall

    Avast CloudCare select Firewall

  • Check that the arrow is pointing to Private Network under Firewall profile and not Public Network.

    If it is pointing to Public Network as shown in the example below, click slightly to the left of the arrow to change the pointer to Private Network.  You tend to notice that when Public Network is selected that Apps get Blocked which is normally the issue.

    Avast CloudCare Firewall select Private Network

If this does not resolve your issue, I would advise to contact your Avast CloudCare support agent.

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