Configuring Multiple Concurrent Remote Desktop Clients in Windows 7 Pro

Enable Remote Desktop

Step 1:  Configure Remote Settings. Go to Control Panel > System > Remote Settings

Step 2.  Select Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer check box

Step 3.  Choose the level of security and who can connect

a) Select Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop to allow people using any version of Remote Desktop or RemoteApp to connect to your computer. This is a good choice if you don’t know the version of Remote Desktop Connection that other people are using, but it is less secure than the option b).

b) Select Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication to allow people with computers running versions of Remote Desktop or RemoteApp with Network Level Authentication to connect to your computer. This is the most secure choice if you know that the people who will connect to your computer are running Windows 7 on their computers. (In Windows 7, Remote Desktop uses Network Level Authentication.)

Add Use Account for each RDP device (For example i have added Test 1 and Test 2)

Install Patch to Enable Concurrent RDP Sessions

Step 1.  Download the patch required

Windows 7 Patch:

Windows 8 Patch:

Step 2. Install the patch required to enable-concurrent-multiple-RDP-sessions.

Use UniversalTermsrvPatch-x86.exe for Windows 32bit

Use UniversalTermsrvPatch-x64.exe  for Windows 64bit

Make sure you right click and select Run as administrator


Step 3. Click on Patch to Install

Step 4.  You should then get a notification that the Patch Success.  Click OK

Step 5.  When prompted to Restart computer right now?  Click on Yes

Once your computer restarts, you will be able to use concurrent Remote Desktop

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