Creating an Auto-Responder with Next Century Media TPP Cloud Hosting

Last Updated on April 18, 2020 by Next Century

The following guide is for Next Century Media Cloud Hosting with TPP

  • Log in to your Console which will take you to your Dashboard

  • Click   under  on the left hand side menu

  • You will then see the configuring on the top line.

    You can click on the dialog box to change to a different email address to configure

  • Next scroll down the page till you get to the Auto-Responder section

  • If you want it to be for a set period only, then tick the Send response only during this time period and choose the appropriate time and dates that you require.

    Type in the Subject and Message that you want everyone to receive

    Click on Save auto-response

You have now configured an Auto-Responder for that email address

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