Finding And Accessing Your Synology NAS

Last Updated on April 26, 2020 by Next Century

There are 3 ways you can easily find your Synology NAS on your network

  • Synology Web Assistant

    This is a quick and very easy way from your computer to find your Synology DSM.

    Once found, click on Connect and then you can login with your Username and Password

  • Synology Assistant Software

    You will need to go to the Synology Download Center website and then choose your Synology type and model which will then redirect you to Utilities page where you can then download the Synology Assistant for your computer.  It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Fedora and Ubuntu.

    Once installed, open Synology Assistant and under the management tab, click search which will then locate your device and lastly click connect

  • DS Finder Apple & Android App

    If you have an Android or Apple device that supports Apps, then this is a very simple way to locate and access the Synology DSM

    Download them here:

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