Fix Windows 10 Won’t Shut Down after Creators Update

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If after updating Windows 10 with the Creators Update you find that Windows 10 won’t shut down with some of the symptoms been:

  • Using the menu button to shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down or returns to the lock screen.
  • When selecting shutdown from the menu, the screen goes blank or it returns to the lock screen.

Either way, it does not shutdown the computer and the only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down.

Here are some solutions to try:

SOLUTION 1.  Alternative Shutdown Sequence


    Use shortcut keys Alt + F4 for the Shut Down Windows box.

    Select the Shut down. Hold the Shift key and click OK to turn off the PC.


    Use shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Hold the Shift key and click the Shut down button on the bottom right.


    Right-click the Start menu and select the Shut down or Sign out. Hold the Shift key and click the Shut down


    Open the Command Prompt. Type into shutdown /s or shutdown /f and press the Enter key.

SOLUTION 2.  Configuring Intel Management Engine Interface Device

One workaround to fix the Windows 10 Creators Update/Fall Creators Update shutdown problem is to configure the Intel Management Engine Interface device. Intel Management Engine Interface, aka IMEI, is used to manage the computer even it is turned off but still in power supply. If your Windows 10 Creators Update/Fall Creators Update desktop or laptop fails to shut down in a normal way, you need to check the IMEI device driver and its configuration.

  • In the Search Box type in “Device Manager” and select Device Manager

  • Expand the System devices entry

  • Navigate and double-click the Intel Management Engine Interface

  • Choose the Power Management tab

  • Uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

    Note: If you don’t have the Power Management tab, go to the next step directly below

  • Go to the Driver tab of the Intel Management Engine Interface

  • Click the Update driver button

  • Choose the IMEI driver in the best-matched version you have downloaded and install the update

  • Restart the computer

SOLUTION 3.  Power Options Fast Startup

  • In the Search Box type in powercfg.cpl and press Enter

  • On the left side, click the Choose what the power buttons do

  • Click the Change settings that are currently unavailable to activate the Shutdown settings below

  • Uncheck the Turn on fast startup option to disable the hybrid shutdown

  • Click the Save changes button

  • Shut down the computer and then switch it back on

This should resolve your shutdown issue.

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