Hanvon F110 Facial ID Terminal Enrolment Guide

Enrolment Guide


  • 30cm to 80cm (between face and mirror)
  • Normal face expression
  • No sunglasses

Enrolling & recognizing:

  • Look down and find your eyes in the mirror, then move the head
    farther and closer slightly to make sure the process bar on the
    screen is changing o green and moving
  • For users who wear glasses: take off glasses after the 1st half
    enrolling process, then continue to the 2nd half enrollment

Follow instructions on the screen to enroll face templates:

  • Eyes in Mirror – adjust your position and keep the eyes in the
  • Move Farther – move your head or body father to the terminal
  • Move Closer – move your head or body closer to the terminal
  • Collecting – terminal is collecting face templates

There is a LED Indicator under the mirror:

  • Red flashing – face position is proper for enrollment or
  • Red lighting – face position is not proper for enrollment or
  • Green lighting – verification successful

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