Hanvon F110 Facial ID Terminal Enrolment Guide

Last Updated on April 14, 2020 by Next Century

Enrolment Guide


  • 30cm to 80cm (between face and mirror)
  • Normal face expression
  • No sunglasses

Enrolling & recognizing:

  • Look down and find your eyes in the mirror, then move the head farther and closer slightly to make sure the process bar on the screen is changing to green and moving

  • For users who wear glasses: take off glasses after the 1st half enrolling process, then continue to the 2nd half enrollment

Follow instructions on the screen to enroll face templates:

  • Eyes in Mirror – adjust your position and keep the eyes in the mirror

  • Move Farther – move your head or body father to the terminal

  • Move Closer – move your head or body closer to the terminal

  • Collecting – Terminal is collecting face templates

There is a LED Indicator under the mirror:

  • Red flashing – face position is proper for enrollment or
  • Red lighting – face position is not proper for enrollment or
  • Green lighting – verification successful

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