Hanvon F110 Facial ID Terminal Installation Guide

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Terminal Installation

  • When choosing the location of the terminal, care should be taken to select an area with consistent light
    levels throughout the day and avoid areas where the unit may be subjected to direct bright sunlight.

  • Using the enclosed installation diagram, drill three holes in the wall with the lower hole 1150mm from
    the floor.

    Download the Hanvon F110 Installation Diagram

  • If using the optional housing, pass the mounting screws through the metal back plate and then through
    the matching holes in the housing and tighten the screws.

  • Connect the power adapter to the socket on the rear of the terminal

  • Hang the terminal on the back plate and secure with the single fixing screw on the base

  • Fit the lens cover insert and housing front if installing in the optional protective case

Standby Status

  • After powering up the terminal, the terminal will enter its standby mode (after approx 30 seconds)

  • The terminal will display will look like the this

Entry to Menus

  • Pressing the menu key will initiate the administrator verification process

  • Anybody who is setup as an administrator can now log in

  • If you haven’t set any additional administrators up simply type in the user ID 7856 and press OK, when prompted enter the password supplied to you

  • If the verification is successful, the terminal will allow access to the menu


  • Enter the menu as above and select Option 2 – User Management

  • Select Option 1 – Set User and type in the employee’s ID number (This should be the same number used for the Card Number in your software) and press OK

  • Type in the employee name, this is done by selecting the desired letter followed by the OK key to move on to the next letter

    When finished press OK again to save

  • If the verification is successful, the terminal will allow access to the menu

  • Select Option 1 – Face

  • The user should adjust their position so they can see their eyes in the mirror and follow the on screen

    • When enrolling, users should stand between 30cm and 80cm from the unit and be able to see
      their eyes in the mirror
    • Users should have a normal facial expression
    • Users must not wear sunglasses
  • When the terminal has saved the image, the final stage is to select Option 2 – Attendance on the User Privilege screen

Enrolment of Administrators

  • Enter the Menu and select Option 1 – Set Admin

  • Select the first available number in the list and press OK

  • There are four options available for Administrator login

    1. ID + PIN
    2. ID + Face
    3. Card + Face
    4. Card

    Select the required option and follow the on screen prompts to complete the enrolment process

  • Type in the required user ID and press OK

  • Insert the name if required and press OK


How to Clock on the Terminal

  • If you are enrolled for face recognition, simply approach the unit until you can see your eyes in the

  • At this point the terminal should have recognised you and saved your clocking. If not, adjust your position until the clocking is made.

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