How can I share the screen on my iPad or iPhone with TeamViewer

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Since the release of the TeamViewer QuickSupport app for iOS for iOS 11, it is generally possible to share your iOS screen via TeamViewer.

The screensharing allows supporters to provide the best possible support for iPhone and iPad users as they can see exactly what’s happening on the device screen and can guide users better on solving issues on their device.

Teamviewer QuickSupport on your Apple iPad or iPhone does not allow remotely controlling the device, it only allows you to share your screen.

TeamViewer 14 and iOS 12

Since the launch of TeamViewer 14 and iOS 12 the screensharing solution has become even better as you can start the broadcasting with one tap inside the QuickSupport app.


To be able to use this feature, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The iOS device (iPhone or iPad) requires iOS 12 to be installed
  • Make sure, that the latest updates are installed for the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on the iOS device

Please follow these steps to use Teamviewer QuickSupport screen sharing for remote support:

On Your Apple iPhone or iPad

  • On your iPhone or iPad, either go to the App Store and search for Teamviewer QuickSupport or download the latest version of TeamViewer QuickSupport

  • Once downloaded, go Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls

  • Add Screen Recording to be displayed in the Control Center by pressing on the green plus symbol

  • Now open the Teamviewer QuickSupport app

  • Give your TeamViewer ID to your support agent

  • Confirm the connection request by clicking on Allow or reject the request by clicking Cancel

How to Stop screen sharing on your iPad or iPhone

To stop screen sharing via TeamViewer on the iOS device, there are several approaches:

  • Open the Control Center and tab the red blinking screen recording icon
  • Tab on the title bar and select Stop in the Screen Broadcasting popup

After screen sharing is stopped, the title bar will no longer be in red

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