How To Add A Microsoft Teams Chat Link To Your Email Signature

Last Updated on April 14, 2021 by Next Century

Adding an email address, Twitter, LinkedIn, and company info to your email signature is all pretty much standard, but none of those options allow anyone to instantly chat with you. An easy solution is to add a direct Microsoft Teams chat link so people can directly message you with one click if they use Microsoft Teams.

Do note, external people to your company will only be able to use this link if your Teams admins have allowed external guests to chat with people inside your company. If they haven’t, this link won’t work.

The link will, of course, work for anyone in your company, which means that you can use it in internal emails, intranet pages, newsletters, and so on for your colleagues to use.

Creating the link is surprisingly simple. Take the following URL and replace <user1> with the email address you use in Teams:<user1>

So, if your email address is “,” the link would be:

You can now head into your email client of choice and add the link to your email signature.

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