How to install AVAST Cloudcare

The following guide is for installing Avast Business CloudCare

  • You will be supplied and installation file from your Avast CloudCare reseller, something similar to this AVAST_CloudCare_Setup.exe

    Once you have downloaded this file, then open the file to start the installation process.

    Remember: If UAC is enabled, remember to click on  to continue with the installation or you might see the following message on the screen where you would click Yes to continue

  • You should then see AVAST Business Installer screen which will install all necessary components of AVAST CloudCare.

    NOTE: The installation process depends on internet speed and can take up to 30 minutes

    NOTE: If at anytime there is a cross 'X' next to any AVAST CloudCare components, this normally is due to an internet connection issue or the AVAST Servers are currently under maintenance.  Please try the process later again or contact your AVAST CloudCare support agent.

  • Once installation is complete, you will see Installation Complete and click on Restart Now

    Do make sure you close any files or programs you have open before clicking on Restart Now

  • After your computer restarts, you should see a message advising that AVAST CloudCare Software has been successfully upgraded which disappears after about 10 seconds

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