Install Microsoft Office 365

Last Updated on May 14, 2020 by Next Century

Follow these steps to install Microsoft 365 on your computer:

  • Go to and Sign in using your Microsoft email or phone number

    Then type in your password and select Sign in

  • Select Install apps

    NOTE: This example above is for a Microsoft 365 Family subscription

  • Select Install

    NOTE: If you want to download the full installation file so that it can be installed quickly on other computers, select Other options and tick Download an offline installer before selecting Install

  • You should then see the Microsoft 365 setup file download, normally it’s called ‘Setup.Def.en-US_O365’ to start with and then either the product type plus a lot of random characters.

    Once downloaded, run the downloaded file to setup and complete the installation

    NOTE: Normally the installation takes 10-30 mins depending on your internet speed

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