How to install Teamviewer Remote Support for Support Plan Clients in Windows

This guide is only for clients that are subscribed to Next Century on a monthly support plan.

Unfortunately, I do not offer remote assistance for none subscribed clients.

Microsoft Windows Guide

STEP 1.  Go to this website link: Next Century Teamviewer Link

STEP 2.  With Chrome, this will automatically download a Teamviewer installation file for you.  If using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer/Edge, you will be prompted to save the file.

NOTE:  It is best to ignore ‘Loading TeamViewer now…’  and ‘Not loaded yet? Try again’

STEP 3.  Once the file has downloaded, normally called TeamViewer_Host_Setup.exe, run the file to start the installation process.

If a User Account Control prompt comes up, accept to continue

STEP 4.  You will see TeamViewer XX Host Setup come up, you do not need to tick Show advanced settings, just click Next

For this example, the TeamViewer Host version is 12 but your install could be newer

STEP 5.  Select Both of the above and click Next

STEP 6.  Tick I accept the terms of the Licence Agreement and click Next to continue

If you have some time on your hands, have a read of the Licence Agreement

STEP 7.  TeamViewer will now go through the installation process and install files to your computer.

STEP 8.  Next you should see a box come up titled Unattended access.  On slower computers, this can take up to 5 minutes.  Click Next

STEP 9.  Next you will need to enter a Computer name and Password.  Then click Next

Computer name: Put in your full name

Password: At least 6 characters and you will need provide this to me.

STEP 10.  Click Finish

STEP 11.  Click Allow and finish on the Account assignment screen to give permission for Teamviewer Host to add your computer to my client support list.

NOTE:  It has my company name ‘Next Century Consulting’ and my email address

You have completed the install of TeamViewer Host and you will see the TeamViewer Host Allow Remote Control on your screen which has Your ID which is different for every client.

If you need urgent assistance, click on Help me which will then allow you to put in your name and a message.  Clicking Request support instantly sends me a message that you need assistance.

Otherwise, click OK to close.

You will be left with a TeamViewer XX Host icon on your desktop that you can open at anytime and click Help me to request support but please only do this in urgent situations.



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