Installing Teamviewer Remote Support in MacOS

Last Updated on May 14, 2020 by Next Century

Please only follow this guide if you have been advised by Next Century Support to do so

Apple Mac OS X Guide

  • Download Next Century Teamviewer Host

    If using Safari, you could get a message that it can’t verify the identity of the website, click Continue and you should see a Install TeamViewerHost-xxxxxxxxxx.pkg file download in Downloads on your software bar

    NOTE:  It is best to ignore 'Loading TeamViewer now...'  and 'Not loaded yet? Try again'

  • Once the file has downloaded, run the file to start the installation process.

    You will see TeamViewerHost Installer come up, click Continue

    For this example, the TeamViewer Host version is 12 but your install could be newer

  • You will see the Software Licence Agreement, click Continue and then Agree

    If you have some time on your hands, have a read of the Licence Agreement

  • TeamViewer will now give you further Installation information, click Install to continue

  • You will then be prompted for your Username and Password to complete the install.  Enter your details and then click Install Software

  • You have now completed the main install and should see The installation was successful.  Click Close

  • You should notice a small TeamviewerHost icon up the top right of your screen near the time and date.  Click on the icon and select Preferences

  • Click on the Security tab and then change the Password and Confirm password field to something you can provide to me.  Click Apply and then close with the Red X

  • Click on the TeamViewerHost icon again but this time, select Show status dialog

  • You will now see the TeamViewer Host Allow Remote Control on your screen with a unique ID which is different for every client.

    Please provide Your ID and Password to me so I can now assist you remotely

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