How to move AUSkey from one computer to another

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Is your AUSkey not working because you have:

  • New Windows 10 PC, or a Windows reinstall
  • Need to move AUSkey to the new PC
  • On old PC, go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\AUSkey (Username is your log in name)

  • Copy the file keystore.xml. You don’t need any other files

  • On new PC, go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming and create a folder called AUSkey (note the capital “AUS” and lowecase “key”)

  • Copy keystore.xml from the old PC to this new folder

  • Download the AUSkey software: (If this link stops working, just Google Download software for AUSkey)

AUSkey is for Australian tax payers (plus access to other services) and allows you to lodge your BAS online with the ATO (amongst other things), and requires a unique key installed on your PC (the keystore.xml file above).  If you need to install on more than one PC, there are links on the ATO website for obtaining additional keys. This simple set of instruction is just to transfer from one PC to another (like when you get a new PC or do a format reinstall of Windows).

Still not Working?

Browser Fixes:

  • Internet Explorer – Install latest java (link on ATO site when you try to use it)
  • Microsoft Edge – Not supported. Use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Chrome or Firefox – Install plugin (link on ATO site when you click not working)

Use myGov

Use your myGov login instead:

  • Log into myGov
  • Set up sms (phone) login codes (takes less than a minute)
  • Link your personal ABN or a company ABN to your myGov account (also takes less than a minute)

Once you have done this you can log into the ATO using myGov and it is a lot easier.

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