How to restore a folder in Dropsuite

Last Updated on April 10, 2020 by Next Century

In the Backup Only product you have the ability to restore a folder.

  • Login to the Dropsuite account with your username and password and you will be redirected to your Dashboard

    Note: If you do not know these details, contact your Dropsuite reseller

  • In the dashboard, you will need to select the email account, then filter on folder

  • Select the items or select all in folder to restore the entire folder

    This will restore to that folder and if the folder no longer exists, then the folder will be recreated and the emails restored

  • Next you see the completed backup task which you then select by ticking the check box and then click Restore

  • The PST will include the folder data, when you import the pst you will be prompted. You will need to make sure you have “import items into same folder” selected. If the folder doesn’t exist it will create it.

    For Archiving+Backup service, the folder structure is not retrieved since the email is sent to us via SMTP send connector on exchange before the mailbox receives the data. Here you will only be able to see 2 folders namely Inbox and Sent Items. All your sent emails will be archived in Archived ‘Sent items’ folder and the remaining ones in your inbox.

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