Schedule a Custom Scan with AVAST CloudCare

Last Updated on May 10, 2020 by Next Century

To create a custom scan in Avast CloudCare, please follow these steps:

  • Double click on the AVAST CloudCare icon  on the taskbar (Bottom Right Normally)

    No icon?  Then do a search for AVAST and you should find it

    You should then see the AVAST Business CloudCare Console as below

  • Click on Protection and select Virus Scans

  • Click on OPEN NOW above Custom scans

  • Click on CREATE A NEW SCAN

  • Change the Scan name to a name that represents the scan, eg. Weekly Scan

  • Then select the Scan type and Frequency:

    • Full Virus Scan – Scans everything and I would advise to tick Scan for potentially unwanted programs (PUPS)
    • Targeted Scan – More for scanning a selected folder
    • Quick Scan – Scans for browser threats and malware only
  • Scan Sensitivity

    You can determine the sensitivity of the scan by adjusting the scan sensitivity settings.

    The higher the sensitivity, the higher the protection and potential for false positive malware detections. Reducing the sensitivity reduces the chance of false positive detections, but may also reduce the effectiveness of the scans.

    Scan sensitivity is set to Medium sensitivity by default, but can be adjusted to High sensitivity or Low sensitivity. Scan sensitivity is customizable for Full Virus Scan, Targeted Scan, and Boot-Time Scan.

  • Scan Priority is set to Medium Priority by default, it could be worth changing it to High Priority

  • Scan Areas

    In this section you can determine the areas that are scanned on your PC. The Scan areas settings are only available for Full Virus Scan and Boot-Time Scan.

  • Packers and Archives

    In the Packers and Archives section you can specify the compressed file types that you want Avast to unpack during the scan. These settings are available for Full Virus Scan, Targeted Scan and Explorer Scan.

  • File Types

    Specify the file types that are prioritized when scanning your PC for malware. These settings are available for Full Virus Scan, Targeted Scan and Explorer Scan.

  • Shut down computer after scan finishes: enables Avast to shut down your computer after the Full Virus Scan completes.

  • General report file: enables Avast to create and store a report file automatically

For a more detailed guide, please visit the Avast Antivirus Scan Settings page

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