How to Shutdown or Restart Windows over Remote Desktop Connection

Solution A – GUI + keyboard

If your a keyboard shortcut fan, you may have already known that Alt+F4 closes the currently selected Windows application. When your desktop is selected, it stands to reason that typing Alt+F4 has the effect of telling Windows that you’d like to close Windows itself. Simple, elegant, and easy to remember!

STEP 1.  Press Win+D to minimized all open Windows to show your desktop
(alternatively, you can left-click the lower-right corner)

STEP 2.  Press Alt+F4 to bring up the Shut Down Windows – What do you want the computer to do?dialog, where you can now choose any of the following list of actions:
Sign out
Shut down

STEP 3.  Select which option you want, then press Enter (or click OK)

Solution B – Command Prompt

  1. Open a Command Prompt
    a. To initiate a Shut down, type:
    shutdown /s /t 0 then press Enter

    b. To initiate a Restart, type:
    shutdown /r /t 0 then press Enter

Because of the 0 second delay you specified, you’ll want to be very sure you really intend to do this immediately, before you press that Enter key!

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