How to Uninstall AVG Software with Removal Tool

Do you want to uninstall an AVG Antivirus, Internet Security or AVG CloudCare?

The best method is to use the AVG removal tool.

Make sure to save all your work and close all open documents! Your computer will be restarted during the process.

Please follow these steps to uninstall AVG CloudCare, AVG Free, AntiVirus, Internet Security, Premium Security, Protection or Performance from your computer:

Step 1.  Click here to download the AVG Remover tool to your computer.

Step 2.  Click your right mouse button on the downloaded file and Run as administrator.  If you do not run the file as administrator, it will not uninstall fully! Then you should see the screen below and click Continue to agree with AVG’s license agreement and privacy policy.

Step 3.  AVG Remover will now scan your computer to find all installed AVG products.

Step 4.  AVG should then list the product that you have installed.  Make sure you tick the box next to your AVG product and then click Remove to continue.

NOTE:  The example above shows AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus installed.  You could have a different AVG product there.

Step 5.  You will then see the Working please, wait screen which will at some point prompt you to be restart your computer.  After the restart, AVG Remover will finish the uninstallation.

NOTE:  Sometimes the AVG removal process will need to restart your computer more than once.

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