View or restore files with Avast Cloud Backup

Last Updated on May 10, 2020 by Next Century

If you are using Avast Cloud Backup to back up your data online, here is a guide on how to view or restore files to your computer.

  • Right click on Avast Business CloudCare icon  on your task bar and select Open Cloud Backup…

  • Type in your password when prompted, leave the device to manage as the Local Device and then select OK

    Note: You should have been supplied this when Avast Cloud Backup was setup, otherwise, contact your Avast CloudCare agent to get this password

    If a Windows User Account Control message box comes up, do accept with Yes to continue.

  • You should then see the Avast Business Cloud Backup console showing you how much online space you have used.  Select View / Restore

  • You are now in the Run Recovery Wizard where you can either search for a particular file by typing in any part of the file name in ‘All or part of the file name’ box or you can expand the folders by clicking on the + next to the folders in the left column.

  • Once you have found the file(s) or folder(s) you want to recover, select them which should highlight them in blue and select the Recover Selected icon or you can right click and select Recover as well.

  • You will then see Recover To where you can either recover them to the original location or choose a New location if you do not want to overwrite the original file.  Once you have made your choice, select OK to recover the files.

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