Install AVAST Cloudcare on MacOS

Last Updated on May 14, 2020 by Next Century

The following guide is for installing Avast Business CloudCare on MacOS

  • You will be supplied and installation file from your Avast CloudCare reseller, something similar to this AVAST_CloudCare_Setup.dmg

    Once you have downloaded this file, then select the file to start the installation process.

  • Select Install Avast Business Antivirus to begin installing

  • Select Continue

  • Click Continue to confirm you have read and agreed to Avast’s Privacy Policy

  • Click Continue on Product Administration

  • Select Continue on End User Licence Agreement

    Then you also need confirm by selecting Agree

  • If you want to change the install location, you can select on Change Install Location… 

    Otherwise, select Install

  • You will then see the Avast installer Downloading files…

  • Type in your user account Password when prompted, then select Install Software

  • You will then see the Avast installer Running package scripts…

  • It’s important that you select Open Security Preferences when System Extensions Blocked comes up so that the Avast software can work

  • Select Allow under Security & Privacy

  • Avast CloudCare which is also known as Avast Business Antivirus should then be visible on your screen

    Avast will then check for updates which you might see and then it should advise the Last updated time

  • Close Avast to complete the installation

    You are now prompted if you want to Install Google Chrome as the default browser, either leave this ticked if you want to do this, otherwise, untick

    Then select Continue

    NOTE: If you leave Install Google Chrome as the default browser, you now see Chrome downloading and installing with a final prompt to either Keep "Safari" or Use "Chrome"

  • You have now successfully installed Avast CloudCare on your MacOS and you can delete the Avast_CloudCare_Setup.dmg file from your computer.

    The Avast CloudCare icon will be added to your Dock

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