Installing Apple iTunes on a Windows 10 PC

Last Updated on May 20, 2020 by Next Century

Here is a guide on how to install Apple iTunes on a Windows 10

  • Download iTunes from the Apple website and open the file once downloaded

    NOTE: Normally best to get the Windows (64-bit) as this is pretty much the standard now

  • On the Welcome to iTunes box, Select Next

  • Review the Installation Options and then select Install

  • You most likely then will see the User Account Control message, select Yes to continue the install

    iTunes will now copy files to your computer which can take 2-5 minutes and you might be prompted with another User Account Control message that you need to select Yes again

    NOTE: If you have left Microsoft Outlook open while installing, you will be prompted to close it

  • Once installed, you should see the Congratulations message

    Select Finish to complete the installation

  • Finally, you will be prompted to restart your computer

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