Mouse moving around screen on laptop then disable the touchpad

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One of the most common issues I hear from laptop owners is when they are typing on the laptop, they get the mouse jumping around the screen.

Whether you are moving the mouse cursor on accident when you type or using an external mouse, some laptops allow the user to “turn off” the built-in touchpad.

The exact steps may differ slightly, depending on the laptop’s brand or the software used to control the touchpad.

Touchpad button

Some laptops have a button around the top of the touchpad that allow you to quickly enable and disable the touchpad. Press this button to disable the touchpad if your computer has this feature.

Touchpad Fn keys

Some laptops have an Fn key that can be used in combination of one of the F1- F12 function keys. Press both of these keys at the same time to disable or enable the touchpad on your laptop.

Note: The icon often used to indicate a touchpad is a rectangle with a line under the rectangle.  Here are some examples of what the key can look like

Windows Laptop

Quite often the laptop manufacturer has their own touchpad software running which you can access via the taskbar (bottom right).  Normally, using the right mouse button gives you options.

Note: Once the touchpad has been disabled, you need an external mouse to navigate in Windows

If you have tried everything but just can’t disable the touchpad and are running Windows 7 or older, you could try downloading and installing Touchpad Pal.

You can download it from the Touchpad Pal website.


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