How to update time on Hanvon F110 Facial ID Terminal via CS Time

Last Updated on April 14, 2020 by Next Century

Most importantly before you follow these instructions, make sure the time and date are correct on the computer you are doing this from.

If the time is incorrect on the Hanvon F110 Facial ID Terminal, please follow these steps on your computer with CS Time to set the time:

  • Open the CS Time Configuration Module

  • Click on Setup > Clocks > Clocks

  • In Browse Hardware, select the Hanvon Facial Terminal that you want to correct the time on and then click on Set Date & Time

  • You will then see the Set Clock Time screen where you can click on Set Device Time and Date to correct the time

    You have successfully updated the time and date on the Hanvon Facial ID Terminal

  • Click Close on all dialog boxes and exit the CS Time Configuration Module

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