Updating AVAST CloudCare to Latest Version

Last Updated on April 19, 2020 by Next Century

Please only do this upgrade if you have been advised to do so by an AVAST Reseller or AVAST Support Agent.

  • Download the CCUpgrade.exe file to your computer

    NOTE: The default location for all downloads is your Downloads folder under Quick access

  • Very important that you right click on this file and run as administrator as shown below

  • You will most likely then get a User Account Control message that you need to click on Yes to continue the upgrade

  • You will very briefly see a black box appear on your screen then disappear which is normal.

    It will look like nothing is happening but behind the scene's your AVAST CloudCare software is updating.  This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your internet and computer speed.

  • Next you might notice the AVAST CloudCare icon  disappear from your icons down the bottom right of the task bar

  • The next message you see will be a blue box with Software has been successfully upgraded message and you should notice the AVAST CloudCare icon  re-appear.

  • Next double click on the AVAST CloudCare icon  and if the upgrade has been successful, you should see this screen with This computer is protected in green

  • To check that AVAST CloudCare has updated, right click on the AVAST icon  in the taskbar and left click on About…

    Check with your AVAST Reseller or AVAST Support Agent what the latest version should be.

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